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If you or a loved one have been injured by the negligent actions of an individual, company or municipality, you have the legal right to pursue compensation.

For over twenty-five years the New York City personal injury lawyers at Raphaelson & Levine have helped thousands of victims like yourself win personal injury claims and recover an excess of $500 million dollars.

Our firm has the trial experience, the reputation and the proven results to win successful injury claims in even the most complex types of cases. We fight to win and have the resources to stand up to insurers or large corporations and demand the comprehensive, long-term compensation you need.

How Can A Personal Injury Lawyer Help?

At Raphaelson & Levine Law Firm our NY personal injury attorneys are committed to representing individuals, not case numbers. By focusing on the challenges you face recovering from injury, we are able to tell that story in vivid terms when the time comes to negotiate compensation or convince a jury to award damages.

We pride ourselves on the way we practice personal injury law and dedicate time to answer any questions you may have throughout your personal injury claim.

We fully invest in our clients and thoroughly prepare every case for trial. Our reputation as trial attorneys is reflected in the quality of our settlements as well as through respect of our legal peers and testimonials from clients who appreciate our approach as well as our results.


Shortly after you've been involved in an accident, an insurance adjuster will reach out to you, trying to present themselves as a trusted individual with your best interests in mind. In reality, many large insurance companies have adopted settlement policies that encourage their adjusters to offer quick payments, with terms as favorable as possible for their company.

Do not accept any claim before you speak with an attorney. In most cases, an experienced personal injury lawyer can help you get significantly more compensation than an insurance company is willing to offer.

Insurance payouts are, on average, 3.5 times higher for clients who have hired a personal injury lawyer than for those without one. (Insurance Research Council)

Recovering Compensation In A Personal Injury Claim

Accident victims suffer in many aspects of their lives. They awake the morning of an accident, living their life in an ordinary way, and then, without warning, everything changes.

The first and most obvious damage that a client sustains is their physical bodily injuries. Accident victims might sustain broken bones and often require a period of hospitalization and surgery. During this period of time, they will accumulate medical bills and have an unexcused absence from work. These damages represent past damages that are immediately incurred and are compensable under the law.

A History Of Award-Winning Personal Injury Verdicts & Settlements

Founding attorney Howard Raphaelson is the grandson of Jacob D. Fuchsberg, a New York lawyer who obtained the first million-dollar recovery in U.S. history. Since 1992, the accomplished trial lawyers at Raphaelson & Levine have followed in that tradition and obtained numerous million-dollar and multimillion-dollar jury awards. These results are a function of our diligent efforts to understand our clients’ needs, document the harm in tangible terms and ensure their story is heard in a court of law.

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If you have been involved in an accident that was caused by another's negligence, New York personal injury law provides you the opportunity to seek compensation for any pain, suffering, medical bills and lost wages you've incurred as a result of your injury.

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