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Frequently Asked Personal Injury Questions

New York City is one of the most prevalent locations for accidents of many kinds: car accidents, on-the-job injuries, dog bites, and countless others. If you are a victim of one of these various types of accidents, you may opt to acquire the services of a personal injury attorney. Brooklyn has law firms available that specialize in personal injury law and can show you the compassion and attention that your case deserves. Here are some frequently asked questions that may be on your mind in the early stages of seeking legal help and advice.

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In order to determine whether or not you have a case worth trying in court, your first step is to locate and contact a personal injury attorney. Law firms will gladly take your call, and many offer a free initial consultation. That means that you can leave it up to the lawyer to determine whether or not your case has a solid legal basis. Moreover, a personal injury attorney can assess whether or not your case is strong enough to be likely to have a favorable outcome for you.

This is probably one of the primary questions that may cross your mind when you consider enlisting the assistance of lawyers who specialize in personal injury law, have an outstanding track record of winning major settlements, and have helped their clients to be rewarded with six-figure outcomes – sometimes even into the millions, depending on the case.

You can legally seek to obtain general damages, special damages, and punitive damages. General damages are those that cannot be directly proven, such as “pain and suffering.” Special damages are those that can be sought as an exact particular dollar amount, typically in reference to medical bills, lost wages, and travel expenses. Punitive damages do not arise in every case, but when they are sought, it gives your attorney a right to bring light to prior bad acts of the defendant, which might otherwise be inadmissible as evidence.

Common Expenses Eligible For Compensation Include:

  • Medical expenses, past, current and future
  • Time lost from work
  • Property that was damaged, such as your vehicle
  • Permanent disfigurement or disability
  • Emotional distress, including anxiety, depression, and interference with family relationships

We move every case along as quickly as possible. In many cases, we can obtain an excellent settlement before trial. Ultimately, the time it takes to resolve your case depends upon the complexity of the case and the court’s calendar.

In New York City, the statute of limitations on personal injury claims is three years. This means that you only have three years to file a personal injury lawsuit against the person who injured you. Because of the statute of limitations, it’s important that you consult with a skilled New York City personal injury attorney as soon as possible after you or your loved one is injured. Learn More

Documentation is critical when pursuing a personal injury claim in New York City. Any seemingly unimportant detail can be valuable in proving your case, so it is essential that you take detailed notes as soon as possible after the incident. For a list of what to write down, Click Here.

All injuries are not equal when it comes to deciding whether you need the help of an attorney. There are certainly times when filing an insurance claim yourself will adequately compensate you for minor cuts and bruises sustained during a minor accident. But, many cases are more serious and require the help of a New York City personal injury lawyer to preserve your rights. Learn More

Choosing the perfect personal injury law firm to represent your case can be an arduous task. With so many law firms available in New York City knowing the best questions to ask a personal injury lawyer can help you find the right fit. You should ask questions that speak to the experience, results and reputation of the lawyer and their law firm. For a list of specific questions, Click Here.

The more evidence you have, the better your chances are when pursuing a personal injury claim. Your injury lawyer in New York City will need proof of your injuries as well as anything that shows that someone else was at fault, if possible. For a list of examples, Click Here.


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